XHIBIT winner Natalie Dawkins exhibits her acclaimed short film ‘Smile for the Camera’ in the JaguarShoes Collective Film Gallery from 10.08.12 – 14.09.12 with a Private View on Thursday 9th August.

Natalie Dawkins is a London based artist working in both photography and video. ‘Smile for the Camera’ was made during her MA in Photography at London College of Communication and was one of the winning pieces in XHIBIT, a showcase competition for all students at the prestigious University of the Arts. As part of the prize, Natalie was chosen to exhibit her work in the JaguarShoes Collective Film Gallery.

The exhibition will feature a series of works including ‘Smile for the Camera’, a video piece in which the subject is left alone for 30 minutes with a camcorder with the single instruction to smile for the camera, extending the duration of a request that is often asked of one when being photographed. The subject did not know that this would be the task until moments before filming.

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Much of Natalie’s work comes from an interest in observing how we construct ourselves for situations and the way in which those situations also construct us. Inviting her subjects to be filmed alone, she gives them a short set of instructions to be carried out within a lengthy timeframe, often resulting in humourous and unexpected responses.

Silent Treatment (2006) from Natalie Dawkins on Vimeo.

Natalie has worked with a range of clients from both the public and private sector with past commissions shown in Selfridges, Topshop and on MTV2. Natalie is currently working towards her degree show at London College of Communication in November.

Double Take (2012) from Natalie Dawkins on Vimeo.

Click here for more information on the XHIBIT prize winners.

Additional press from LCC blog. Selected installation shots supplied by JaguarShoes

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